WIU Acting President: Committed to having both Moline and Macomb campuses

MOLINE, Illinois-- Milltown Coffee Owner Cameron Cartee hosted us for Breakfast With... WIU's Acting President Martin Abraham, Thursday, Sept. 12 during Good Morning Quad Cities.

The restaurant is just blocks away from WIU's QC Campus.

We touched on a lot of things during our interviews: enrollment, growth of the university and his past as provost of Youngstown State University in Ohio. When asked if he thought either campus, Moline, or Macomb, would ever close, Abraham said, "No."

"We are committed to having vibrant campuses in both locations," Abraham said. "As I've said multiple times, there are things that we can do here in Moline that we can't do at the Macomb campus, and vice versa, there are things that we can do in Macomb that we can't do up here in Moline."

Abraham was hired as provost of WIU in May of this year, but he quickly became acting President when former President Jack Thomas resigned.

Abraham says he's open to hearing from the board on whether they want him to become the next president, a topic of discussion at their meeting in October.

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