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8 Eats: Back to school and summer snacks

It’s that time of year, the weather is hot, the sun is bright and kids will be returning to school! We tried several different snacks perfect for this weather and or a lunch box.

(Brody Wooddell is the host of Date Night Dining, a digital content producer, as well as an avid foodie and hobbyist chef. All while trying to maintain his girlish figure.)

Moonberry Twinkies

Grab a pack of 10 for just $2.97 (PS they’re only $2.50 right now with Walmart’s Back To School Rollbacks), and we promise you and your fellow earthlings with be over the moon. These land exclusively at Walmart, but hurry before they blast off!

These are almost identical to the Twinkies we all know and (love?) The main difference is these have the slightest, most subtle, tiny, aftertaste of blueberry. But they’re yummy, I mean it’s a cake filled with cream what did you expect? These are limited edition though so if you wanna switch up your snack cake game grab them (exclusively) from Walmart while you can! 5/10 would recommend.

Baby Shark Cereal

The limited edition cereal boasts “berry fin-tastic” flavored rings floating with marshmallows and deliver a delicious splash of flavor that doesn’t miss the boat. Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo…

Oh, what a phenomenon Baby Shark has become. What started as a song and turned into a show has finally come full circle as a breakfast cereal. Let’s cut to the chase, this stuff is delicious. But a bowl of colorful sugar with gelatinous sugar is obviously going to taste good. Your kids (and you) will probably love this. Just don’t have a shark sized appetite when you go to eat it! 8/10 would recommend.

Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies

Emmy’s Organics
For a sweeter snack, skip the processed sugar-packed cookies and opt for a better-for-you treat instead: Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies. Made with clean organic ingredients like fair trade dark chocolate, these delicious bites are certified USDA organic, gluten-free, vegan, soy-freegrain-freepaleo-friendly and non-GMO. Great as a lunchtime treat or after-school snack, Emmy’s also come in convenient 3-cookie and single-serve packs.

So you’re hungry, craving a cookie but you’re also trying to watch your figure or you’re (mostly) keto. What do you do? Well, Thanks to Emmy’s Organics you can have a tiny barely bigger than a half-dollar sized cookie that will satisfy your sweet tooth for only 100 calories a (coin-sized) pop! Don’t expect that typical flour or nut-based flour texture to this. That being said these things are delicious! If you’ve never had a coconut cookie it has a great coconut undertone to all the flavors with an amazing crumbly softish texture. 9/10 would recommend.

Lance Minis Snack Crackers

So you’ve probably had those regular-sized crackers, you know the square ones in the little package with various combinations of cheese and peanut butter. Well, now they are bite-sized and can fit even better into a lunch box! They have the taste you’ve come to expect from such snacks and are just as yummy as you remember from your childhood. 7/10 would recommend.

Crunchies Dried Fruit

Crunchies Freeze-Dried Fruit
Made with nothing but fresh fruit, Crunchies are the perfect substitute to chips and other artificial snack foods—and an easy way for little ones to get their daily dose of fruit. These tasty single-ingredient snacks have zero sugar added and are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher certified. Packed with nutrients and a satisfying crunch, Crunchies are also the perfect size for school lunches and backpacks!

Of all the snacks for this rendition of 8 Eats, this is by far my favorite. They are tasty and crunchy. Like eating a sweet and decently healthy chip. The best part is it’s only 100 calories in the whole pouch! which is a decent-sized snack to be sure. my personal favorite is the mango but they are all yummy! Not like most dried fruit medleys you may have tried. These are more of a crunchy foam texture than the wax-covered crunch you may be used to. 10/10 Would recommend, with a hungry Brody seal of approval!

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