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THE CITIES PODCAST: Training hackers for the future

Each week, News 8’s Jim Mertens talks with area leaders, entertainers, community activists, and interesting characters who are part of the fabric of life in “The Cities”.

THIS EPISODE:  They’re teaching kids to hack!

The Quad Cities Cybersecurity Alliance wants to fight fire with fire.

The group held a cybersecurity conference called CornCon in the Quad Cities.  It included a “hacker camp” for children as young as five.  Organizers say we all have a duty to protect ourselves from computer hackers, but we must also train “white hat hackers” to help build better defenses.

Alliance co-founders John Johnson and Shadrack Roberts join Jim to talk about a brave new world where information is valuable, easily accessible, and easily misused.  What you can do to protect yourself and the importance of the next generation of computer users to all of us.

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