Erie School board decides to engage in mediation with superintendent

School bus (ThinkStock)

ERIE SCHOOL DISTRICT- Dozens of residents in the Erie school district attended a school board meeting on Tuesday, September 3. The issue at hand was the job status of the superintendent. But for the people in attendance, it was the actions and intentions of the school board.

Seven people went in front of the school board, and the other attendees, to speak their piece.

Each one of them was critical of the handling on the situation with the superintendent, and several openly called for school board resignations and reorganizations. Many were on the side of the superintendent and the changes being made under his administration.

Others were upset about the lack of transparency around recent alleged felonies committed on school grounds and well as the general transparency into the actions and intentions of the school board.

After each speaker, people clapped loudly in support of the statements made.

The board was openly questioned and criticized for nearly 40 minutes, not one person who came up to speak spoke positively of their actions and the phrase “personal agendas” was brought up several times.

One father questioned why alleged crimes done at the beginning of August are just now becoming known among residents in the school district.

One woman, a teacher herself, told a personal story of struggles with her daughter and how under the new superintendent they were taking positive steps forward.

Not one person spoke that supported the boards’ action or the removal of the superintendent. With some saying the board refused to let the superintendent do his job properly.

At a few minutes before 10 p.m. the board announced they would be not be taking action as of that night.

They released the following statement, but refused to speak with News 8.

“The board is directing the district attorney to contact the superintendent’s attorney, to see if they are willing to engage in mediation. In an effort to continue our relationship. While we cannot share more specific information at this time, we hope to issue a joint statement with our superintendent in a few days.”

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