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Mercer County Sheriff turns focus away from crime for a moment

MERCER COUNTY, Illinois – A local sheriff turned his focus away from crime for a moment to recognize a specific group of people.

On his Facebook page, Mercer County Sheriff Dusty Terrill posted a note saying thanks to “all of you who did nothing illegal this week.”

The post goes on to say:

“Sometimes our attention is focused on those who are breaking the law and frankly we feel bad that we have not taken a moment to thank the rest of you.


In an interview with WRMJ, Sheriff Terrill said posts from the department are typically when they’re asking the community for help with something they’re working on.

He said this post was a way to recognize those who don’t cause trouble.

“So often we’re focused on the criminal elements and sort of disregard the majority of the  people that we don’t deal with on a regular basis,” he said, “so it’s just sort of a thank you to all the members of the public that aren’t committing crimes to make sure that they realize that we do appreciate them and their input and cooperation.”

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