When Florida may need to be ready for a hurricane

Tropical Storm Dorian is crossing into the Caribbean Sea this morning and could slam into Puerto Rico as a Category 1 hurricane. Tropical Storm and Hurricane Watches are expected to be issued over the next 24 hours. Puerto Rico is still in the rebuilding process from 2017's Hurricane Maria.

The forecast for Dorian doesn't show explosive development. Instead, it is likely to move over the islands of the Caribbean. Mountains on the Dominican Republic and Haiti rise more than 10,000 feet. These mountains "tear up" the underside of storms, often weakening them.

The strength of Dorian remains in question after it moves across these islands. The National Hurricane Center now has the eastern coast of Florida in the "cone of uncertainty." This is the swath of possible storm tracks into next week. It's too early to forecast whether Dorian will near the U.S. coast as a hurricane, tropical storm, tropical depression, or just a wave.Keep in mind, we have yet to pass the midpoint of hurricane season. Typically, September 10th is the middle of the season, which begins on June 1st and lasts into November.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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