The Eric Factor: What we’re doing right when it comes to climate change

As human activity continues to accelerate the warming of our planet, it's not all bad news. 

Iowa is one of the leading states when it comes to clean, wind energy. By 2020, the Iowa Wind Energy Association forecasts 20,000 jobs in the state as a result of developing wind energy.When it comes to the resource, the Plains is where there is even more energy potential. Texas has realized the potential, while states like Nebraska and Missouri are underperforming when it comes to potential wind energy growth.

The experts at Climate Central have developed a new tool that helps quantify the amount of green energy we are using in the Quad Cities.

Click here to see wind and solar generation for other cities

You can see from the info above that we receive a lot more wind energy than solar energy. That's in part due to the part of the country we live in (where breezy days are more common than sunny days).

Breezy conditions across Iowa and Illinois will give a boost to green energy over the next few days. 91% of homes will be powered by wind on Tuesday with a surplus of wind energy on Wednesday. 

The maps above show where sunny skies are expected each day (yellow) and where winds will be at optimum speeds for wind energy production (blue).

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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