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YOUR MONEY with Mark: Why China hasn’t conceded to the U.S. yet

MOLINE, Illinois--- Yields on 10-year US Treasury bonds dipped below the yield on the two-year bond for the first time since 2007 or before the Great Recession. Both were hovering around 1.58% as of late Wednesday afternoon. August 14. 

If you're wondering why President Donald Trump's continuing to escalate the trade war with China though, Quad Cities Investment Group Advisor Mark Grywacheski says it's because the U.S. still has leverage over the country. He says the U.S. is still in a much better position than China.

Grywacheski returned to Good Morning Quad Cities Monday, August 19 to discuss the trade war and why China hasn't conceded yet. Since China is dictated by a community party, Grywacheski said the leadership can do whatever they want.

"The party leadership can simply mandate that its citizens will continue to suffer rather than concede to President Trump," he said Monday morning.

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