New crisis stabilization home in Davenport provides local option for mental health support

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A new residential home providing mental health support has opened in the Quad Cities, the first of its kind in the area.

Part of the Vera French Mental Health Community Center's plethora of programs, the home is designed to provide individuals going through a mental health crisis such as increased panic attacks or depression, a place to stay where they can get support from trained professionals.

"They are really wanting some extra support and not necessarily wanting to go to the full hospitalization where they’ll be more limited with their ability to have that immediate family support or staff support," said Kate DeRooi, Program Manager for Crisis Stabilization Residential Services.

"We’ll get them stabilized within five or so days. Throughout that timeframe, they’ll get to meet with staff who are trained with doing assessments and stabilization they will also meet with mental health professional every 24 hours to develop resources to find ways to reintegrate into the community."

The home, located in Davenport, has five bedroom and two bathrooms, and dedicated staff to answer the call for help 24/7. Vera French is not publishing the address for safety and privacy reasons.

DeRooi said in the past people needing help would have had to turn to law enforcement or would've had to admit themselves into a hospital.

The service is supported by the Eastern Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services Region, and free of charge. Vera French staff are working to get accredited so they can accept Medicare insurance in the future.

The number to call if you feel that you or a loved one need a safe place to work through that crisis is (563) 396-3017.

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