A new business is working to help clear your schedule

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Sonya Wommack was born and raised here in the Quad Cities and noticed a lack of assistance in the community.

Wommack worked to change that. In Cedar Falls, she started a business assisting people in the area with small tasks and errands but now she is bringing that work back home with Assisting the QC.

"I'm so passionate with helping others that's one of the main things I really enjoy doing and so just helping others in any form possible is my passion and I love it and I just love to spread my positivity around to others," said Wommack. Wommack is a one woman show and her one job is to help make her clients life a little easier.

Some of the services she provides are; grocery shopping, laundry services, meal delivery, plant care, house sitting and pet sitting. She also has different services for seniors and companion visits.

"I like to build a relationship with all of my clients because they are letting me into their personal space, coming into their home, and so I am always a positive person and I always like to spread my positivity," said Wommack. Her positive attitude and will to work is contagious.

Her business is completely insured and bonded just in case anything were to happen on her watch. For more information on her services, click here.

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