Pup without a name: Galesburg police ask for help naming new K9

Galesburg police officer Jake Taylor was assigned a new K9 on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Photo from Galesburg, IL Police Department Facebook page.

GALESBURG, Illinois — A furry new officer at the Galesburg Police Department is looking for the perfect name.

Update: Officer Jacob Taylor decided to go with Zeus for his name.

A K9 was assigned to Officer Jake Taylor on Wednesday and police are asking for name suggestions, according to a Facebook post on the department’s page. Taylor will have plenty of options: Since the photo was posted at 8 a.m., there were more than 300 comments by 1 p.m.

Taylor and the new dog, a boy, will go through 10 weeks of training at an academy to learn how to become a team, post said. The K9 was purchased from Shallow Creek Kennels a police service dog facility in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania.

As expected, some of the name suggestions are police related such as:

  • “Buster..like in BUSTED,” Sami Watson commented.
  • “I love Justice! Also Zeus (God of Law), Axel, Demeanor, Harbin (little shining fighter),” commented Erika Hostens.

and some were pretty clever:

  • “Maslow…. like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The second level is safety. He will be fulfilling that need,” Roberta Gates commented.
  • “How about Vaughn? Vaughn and Jake Taylor were a lethal combo in the “Major League” movies,” Bradley Michael commented.
  • “Elwood….then they can be The Blues Brothers, or brothers in blue,” Melissa Gregory Peterson commented.

Others were just doggone silly:

  • Bitey McBiteyourface,” David Porter commented. 
  • “McGruff the Victimless Crime Dog,” Grebmloh Ymerej commented.
  • “Doggy Dog McDogface,” Tom Faulkner commented. 

If you want shoot your shot at naming the K9, leave a comment on the Facebook post and explain why you think it fits!

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