Moline Police celebrate the end of the I-74 bridge zipper merge

MOLINE, ILLINOIS  --  Quad Citizens survived the zipper merge during construction of the new I-74 bridge earlier this year. The Moline Police Department has a way for you to celebrate.

"We try to be funny about it," Moline Detective Michael Griffin said. "Nobody likes cops that talk like cops, so we try to be funny on our social media platforms."

QC Custom Tees helped design the new shirt. The front of the shirt has the Moline Police Twitter handle on it. The back of the shirt is where the humor comes in. It has a big picture of a zipper, with the words "I survived the I-74 zipper merge" along the sides.

Two dollars from each shirt will go to The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley.

"It is the community we serve and a lot of times we don't get to interact with the community we serve," Griffiin said.  "Being able to interact with them on social media is fun and we try to have a good time with it. It helps us educate, inform, and connect."

Each shirt is $15 and are available to order for the next three weeks. Click here to order a shirt.

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