Seven Cities Sod farmers need less heat, more rain

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- The drought isn't hurting all farmers. Seven Cities Sod in Davenport says they've been able to harvest every day for weeks, thanks to the dry weather.

But, the company says they'd prefer to get just a little more rain for their fields.

"The issues being, which irrigation system are we running at which time, and switching the valves, making sure we're keeping everything underwater that needs to be underwater and maintaining the grass as well as it can be during this dry spell," says Keaton Frye, Seven Cities Sod Vice President.

It's also been harder this summer to find days to apply weed killers and fertilizer, since they generally don't want to apply products on the fields when it's hotter than 85 degrees.

Seven Cities Sod has needed to irrigate their fields more than usual to get their sod the inch of water per week it needs to stay lush and healthy.

"That can sometimes be a strange game to juggle," says Frye. "We don't wanna put too much water in the ground overnight to where we can't access to field the next day to cut sod but then again, we don't need it to be bone dry either."

The company uses a ground well for their irrigation systems, so their water bill isn't skyrocketing because of the drought. The dry weather has given them plenty of weeks to get out on the fields and work to make up for losses in this spring's record flooding.


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