Galesburg School District jam-packed with renovations

GALESBURG, Illinois-- A piece of history has officially been demolished in Galesburg, as the district says goodbye to the 106-year-old Zephyrdome.

The gym is near Lombard Middle School, but has been vacant for nearly two decades.

"The district over the last thirty years has seen a decline in population as a lot of the area has," said Superintendent John Asplund who believes the decision to knock down the gymnasium was an easy one.

With one goodbye down, more change is on the way with the school closures of Gale and Nielson Elementary.

"There's obviously going to be some kind of apprehension because it's change," said Asplund.

To handle those closures some schools in the district will be seeing additions and improvements.

"This building we're in right now will be added on to this year and would be done for the next school year, the 2020-2021 school year," Asplund said. "Steele Elementary school and King Elementary school would be added on to as well."

The district is revamping some schools to better suit their declining student population while working to grow with an ever-changing learning plan and community.

"Equal educational opportunities for children, more twenty-first century learning spaces more climate control buildings, and being able to have a more positive environment for our students," said Asplund.

By closing down Gale and Nielson, the district is saving millions of dollars that would have covered small projects the community would have barely noticed. They hope to have these changes completed by 2023.

"We feel in the end three or four years from now people will be really happy with the changes," said Asplund.

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