Layla’s Hero’s blood drive inspires donations

GENESEO, Illinois -- Nearly 200 people will benefit from a blood drive in Geneseo, thanks to a four-year-old girl and her family.

Layla O'Bryant was diagnosed with post viral acute cerebellar ataxia just before her third birthday. After months of looking for a treatment, they found IVIG, which uses antibodies from blood donations to keep Layla healthy.

It's made a world of difference, and now the family is giving back to the community.

"We're really dedicated to this process because this treatment has given Layla her life back and allowed her to live a safer life," said Molly O'Bryant, Layla's mom. "Anything we can give back to say thank you and continue this process to happen down the line, we want to do that."

Blood donations are lower during the summer months. The family plans to continue this blood drive twice a year, here in the Quad Cities and back home in Las Vegas.

For every person donating blood, about three people can receive that donation. More than 60 people turned out to the blood drive.

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