WONDER WOMEN Podcast: Moline, Illinois Business Owner Talks About Picking What Your “Strong” Is

Powerful Women. Powerful Positions.

WONDER WOMEN is a podcast that showcases the female movers and shakers running and leading businesses, non-profits, governments, and schools across the Quad City Area, Iowa, and Illinois.

EPISODE FOUR: She began her career in the nonprofit world and is now an entrepreneur giving new business owners a platform for their passions. Katie Thompson is the Owner and Founder of THE Market: A Journey to Joy, a curated collection of vendors with handmade products and crafted items located inside the old Scottish Rite Cathedral – 1800 7th Avenue, Moline, Illinois – which is now the Spotlight Theatre and Event Center.

In this month’s podcast episode, this “Wonder Woman” explains how she came up with this unique idea, why she knows she was “born a boss,” and how she balances the work-life balance of being a mother, designer, community advocate, and more.

News 8’s Angie Sharp and Katie Thompson, Owner/Founder of THE Market: A Journey to Joy

We are digging deeper in this podcast, though. We ask Katie if being a woman factored into her taking that big step to become an entrepreneur and how it’s an attribute to her success. She talks about the difference between being busy and being tired, plus how to chase challenges and live adventurously as your own “Wonder Woman.”

Finally, she gives the next generation of the “Girl Power” Movement a mantra to keep in mind – “Pick what your strong is” – and reminds all of us to walk the walk and show our story, instead of just talking about it.

Click on the link above to hear our conversation.

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