BREAKFAST WITH… Moline’s New Police Chief and His Plans for the City, Safety

There's a new leader in Moline, but he is not new to the Quad Cities.

Darren Gault was sworn in as Moline's new Police Chief on Tuesday, July 30th. 20 years prior to that, he was with the East Moline Police Department - serving as a Patrol Officer, Detective Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. Chief Gault is now serving the city where he, his wife, and his three children have lived for the last two decades and he says he's ready to get to work:

"It's an exciting time to be part of law enforcement at one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the Quad Cities and I look forward to partnering with my fellow Police Chiefs in all the other cities to tackle the crimes that we face in the Quad Cities together," he told WQAD News 8 during his swearing in ceremony.

Those crimes include juvenile crime, car thefts, and gun violence. While having "Breakfast With..." Good Morning Quad Cities on Thursday, August 1st, Chief Gault talked about the best ways to tackle those issues and what he plans to do to regain confidence in the Police Chief position after a difficult year for the Moline Police Department. Click the videos below for a timeline of what's happened over the past year and Chief Gault's goals for the future:

Chief Gault also participated in a Q&A on the WQAD Facebook Page after Good Morning Quad Cities. We had some audio issues and some people were unable to hear us, so here is the complete conversation:

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