It’s official: We have the most extreme weather in North America!

The area of greatest extreme in 2019 is centered over the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

From this January and February's near -50 wind chills to this month's 110+ degree heat index, we've had our share of extremes.

New research from Brian Bettschneider, a climatologist at the International Arctic Research Center shows which areas of North America have the widest spread in apparent temperature from winter to summer.

A new all-time record low was set in the Quad Cities January 31, 2019

Heat index values exceeded 110 degrees on the 20th of July

As expected, marine environments like the West and Gulf Coast of the U.S. have the smallest change in perceived temperature from winter to summer. Parts of Alaska, Central Canada, and the Upper Midwest have the greatest variation in temperature...around 150 degrees!

The most extreme "feels like" on the continent include the cities of Rochester, Minnesota, Madison, Wisconsin, Rockford, Illinois, and Davenport, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo, Iowa.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen


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