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Did you get a call from the Henry County, IA Sheriff’s Department? It could be a scam

HENRY COUNTY, Iowa — People in Henry County are being warned to be careful if they get a phone call that appears to come from the county sheriff’s department.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, reports of the scam started coming in on Monday, July 29.¬† ¬†Scammers were calling residents from a number that appeared to be coming from the sheriff’s department.¬† Scammers were using actual names of deputies from the department and asking victims to call them back on a different number.

“Please be aware of this scam,” said the statement. “If you receive a call from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office please do not give out any personal information and understand that a deputy will drive out and speak to you in person if you request it.”

Click here to keep up on scams in the area.

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