Iowa included in list of states holding a weekend free of sales tax

(CNN) — Your state may be celebrating a holiday soon, and you may not even know about it. In the coming weeks, states across the US and Puerto Rico will feature a sales-tax-free period so you can save some money while shopping.

Each state has different days that it has designated as tax-free, and each has its own set of categories, along with limits for them.

Most states have clearly targeted the back-to-school crowd, as clothing, computers and school supplies are most commonly found among the categories. Most categories generally have a per-item limit, but that too varies by state.

Some states have embraced the sales tax holiday with a wide range of categories, while others are doing the bare minimum by offering only items such as Energy Star products.

Of course, if you live in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon, none of this applies to you, as those states do not have sales tax.

So, if you missed out on Amazon Prime Day, check the list below or check an online chart to see when and how you can save.

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