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$16 billion in aid available to farmers affected by U.S. trade battle

Farmers that were affected by the trade battle with China and frequent flooding will soon be able to claim a piece of the $16 billion U.S. Department of Agriculture aid package.

Dubbed the "Market Facilitation Program", farmers are able to signup at their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office from Monday, July 29 through Friday, December 6, 2019. Payments are being offered to farmers of over 25 different crops with the first inspections beginning in August.

To find your local FSA office, visit

An additional $1.4 billion is being used to purchase excess goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, processed foods and milk. The surplus products are to be distributed to food banks, schools and other organizations serving those with a low-income. The Argicultural Marketing Service will buy the goods starting in October.

For more information about the USDA farmer's aid package and to see if you're eligible, click here.

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