Clinton County Sheriff exposes new police impersonation scam

Image from Tribune Media

CLINTON, County- The Clinton County Sheriff issued a warning about a recently discovered scam involving a police impersonation.

According to the Sherriff, The scam works by the scammer calling and leaving a message saying they are a lieutenant with the Sheriff’s office conducting an investigation.

They say they received a tip from a man whose son had been contacted by the number 563-275-7430 claiming to be with the sheriff’s office.

when the person called the scammer back they said to get a pen and paper to write down some info about an “investigation”.

The man called the scammers bluff and decided to contact the sheriff’s office at their real number 563-242-9211.

The sheriff’s office warns not to fall for this and that you can always double-check by calling their number and dialing 2 to confirm the validity with an operator.

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