Skilled worker apprentice plumbs his way through international competitions

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- A plumbing apprentice at Local 25 will compete at an international competition in August.

Despite coming from a family of plumbers, Carter Hagen is making a name for himself.

"My dad is a plumber, my grandpa is a plumber and so my dad liked to suck me in on little projects when I was a little kid," said Hagen, who works for his family plumbing business.

Hagen's former instructor Chuck McKnight is the one who encouraged the apprentice to put his skills to the test at plumbing competitions.  And the results?

"I won it," said Hagen. "I won both the state of Illinois and I won district four competition. So now I get to be one of the five representatives from the United States."

Hagen's next competitions will be in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Canada and Australia.

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