One of the best pork tenderloins in Iowa is just north of the Quad Cities

CLINTON, Iowa-- Tuesday, July 23 is Day #2 of our unofficial "Best Pork Tenderloin" contest. More than 4,000 people voted on our website, and it's official, Stouts Irish Pub & Grill is in the top-three!

Tuesday morning on Good Morning Quad Cities, we took the broadcast live to the city, where the restaurant has been named one of the best places in the state to get a breaded pork tenderloin. It also part of a very unique map in Iowa, called the Pork Tenderloin Trail.

The trail maps out 12 different spots where you need to have a pork tenderloin. The map goes out west to Dunlap and all the way east to Clinton. One of the places in Eastern Iowa it names, is Stouts Irish Pub & Grill.

The restaurant's open seven days a week until at least 10 p.m. It's at Valley West Court and Manufacturing Drive, just west of the Clinton 8 Theatre. For more information on the business, click here.

Eric kicked off our coverage Monday, July 22 for Day #1 of our "Best Pork Tenderloin" contest at Don's Seafood, Chicken, and More in Sterling. For more on his story, click here.

We'll have another "best of" coming up Wednesday, July 24 on Good Morning Quad Cities. Angie will be heading south of the Quad Cities for a tenderloin that's been voted the very best in our area. Stay tuned for that.

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