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Local child thinks of mail workers during heat wave

From Nick Zeigler

MOLINE, Illinois — Mail workers in Moline might be relieved to find a present on a few doorsteps.

9-year old Moline resident Lydia Ziegler makes it a habit to leave out a cold drink for the men and women who deliver her family’s mail.

According to her father, Nick, she does this as much as every day or every other day because she feels sorry for people who have to work outside in the intense summer heat. She even makes sure to do it when she’s at the homes of her various grandparents.

When the family is out driving, Lydia looks out at the steps of other community homes and takes note of how unique her contribution is .

Lydia and Nick Ziegler both believe it’s a simple gesture that makes the days of overheating workers just a little bit better.

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