Crochet blanket made using the temperatures here in the Quad Cities

MOLINE, Illinois- This year's wacky weather is helping create something beautiful and vibrant.

-33 degrees in January and nearly a 100 degrees in July we live in a place with extreme temperatures, Sharon Kargl is using our forecasts and yarn to tell the story of our seasons.

"I watch James Zahara or Andrew Stutzke every night," said Sharon. Living in the Midwest Sharon has seen how quickly temperatures can change so she decided to put her yarn to work making a temperature blanket.

Sharon has crocheted since she was a little girl.

"I stopped altogether while I raised my family and after my husband passed away ten years ago I decided to pick it up again," said Sharon. Her family has kept her hands busy over the years making afghans for her children and now grandchildren.

Hard at work, Sharon has all the time in the world to get this done right. She's made a template to keep track of each color she is using for each temperature.

"Darker colors for the cooler temperatures and the brighter warmer colors now that it's getting summer like temperatures outside," said Sharon. The different colors creating a vibrant creation.

"I'm going to have to buy more of the lighter blue and I'm pretty sure since we've had so many eighties, I'm on the second skein of this I'll have to buy more of the peach," said Sharon.

She will do a complete year of temperatures so there will be 365 lines. Once the blanket is complete it will be big enough to cover a queen-sized bed.

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