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8-Eats: Snacks for summer 2K19

Summer is officially here and that means warm weather and summer foods!

We tried several new foods to let you know which ones are best, and which you can avoid.

Big Dipper Cookie Dough

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake these tubs for regular ice cream…but open one up and you’ll find a huge helping of cookie dough!

What sets this stuff apart from the tubes you can buy in the store is that it’s meant to be eaten raw, so its made to be safe! (No salmonella)

The company says it’s an all-natural safe to eat, raw cookie dough.

Locally, you can find Big Dipper Dough at the Fresh Thyme on 2130 E Kimberly Rd.

Flavors include Rookie Chip (Chocolate Chip), Domination (chocolate chips, oatmeal, coconut, and peanut butter), Galactic Fusion (Cookies And Cream), Super Cluster (Cherry Chocolate Chip) and Antimatter.

We tried the Chocolate chip, The Galactic Fusion, and the Super Cluster! They were all yummy but we recommend the Galactic Fusion!

Maybe avoid these if you’re on a sugar and calorie restricting diet though… Find them here.


Kate’s Real Food Energy Bars

Whether you’re active or not, you might like these organic energy bars from Kate’s Real foods.

These bars are hand-rolled and made with sustainable ingredients so you don’t have to feel bad for eating them!

That is unless you look at the nutrition facts, these things definitely aren’t an everyday snack unless you’re super active! At an average 130 calories per serving (and one bar is 2 servings!) these things are light on protein with a higher percentage of sugar and carbs. (But most energy bars are).

“Compared to other energy bars on the market, Kate’s is actually relatively low in sugar and carbs and we don’t use any artificial sweeteners.”– Kate’s

To top it off, these bars are all organic and are Gluten-free for those on restrictive diets.

They are perfect for when you’re hiking, taking a long flight for vacation or hitting the river for some summer fun!

They have several flavors such as: Peanut butter hemp and flax, Peanut butter dark chocolate, Lemon coconut, Mango coconut, Dark chocolate cherry and almond, and finally Peanut butter milk chocolate.

We recommend the Cherry and the Mango bars!

But hey, they’re organic, and pretty yummy, if you don’t mind the sweetness!

Find them here.

Oreo Mega Stuf Cereal

Look, we all wanna eat cookies for breakfast but unfortunately, our waistlines probably won’t allow it…

Here’s the next best thing! It won’t help your belly but at least you can say its breakfast!

Oreo Double Stuf cereal is the evolution of the regular plain boring Oreo Cereal (sarcasm)

It tastes like you would expect and is totally worth the sugar and calories.

It’s yummy and not as bad as you’d think in the nutrition department, a serving without milk is 160-180 calories.

You can find it wherever cereal is sold.


Drumstick Ice Cream Cereal

Have you ever been hungry around breakfast time and thought, Wow I sure wish I could eat delicious Drumstick Ice Cream for breakfast? Me either! But they made it, and it’s actually not bad!

Just don’t check the nutrition facts…

These are exclusive to Walmart and basically tastes like a mashup of Cookie Crisp, Honey Grahams and Cocoa Puffs, so AMAZING.

10/10 would recommend.

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