The beloved JDC Bridge Troll is back

DEERE RUN-- After calling it quits, one of the most memorable John Deere Classic volunteers is back at her post.

You may remember Mary Jean Ferguson, the self-proclaimed Bridge Troll. She monitors traffic near the 15 fairway at Deere Run during the Classic.

Mary Jean and her husband, Mike, had been fixtures here for 15 years, but after he passed away, it just wasn't the same.

But this year, she's back. And she used Saturday to honor her husband.

Once the ball flies on Hole 15, the players advance. But the swarm of people can't proceed until Mary Jean gives them permission.

"This is her spot. This is Mary Jean's corner right here," says long time volunteer Bill Anderson.

But last year, Mary Jean abandoned her post. She had to. She says volunteering without her husband Mike of 47 years, was just too hard.

But this year, she's back. The Bridge Troll just couldn't stay away from her post and her people.

"It's just like a second home, and this hole in particular, is why I keep coming back. I really like the people," explains Mary Jean.

She's back with a solution for every traffic jam and an answer to every question. She's back for another reason too, especially on Saturday.

During the John Deere Classic 7 years ago today, Mike left this world and his forever partner. But ask Mary Jean. Mike is still with her at the place they loved. Now she volunteers for him.

"I think its a way to honor him," says Mary Jean.

With every fly of the ball and fan on the path, stop sign in hand and memories in her heart, the Bridge Troll is back.

"In some ways I'm hoping he's with me. I feel closer to him doing something like this."

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