The army of workers at Deere Run you will most likely never see, but should probably thank

DEERE RUN-- Accuracy is a big part of the game of golf; knowing how hard to swing and in what direction. But the most detail-oriented group out here aren't the players. It's an army that works alone.

"Listen very carefully. We have a few specialized jobs tonight," explains Alex Stuedemann. He's the leader of this army, 50 strong. On Thursday, they're handed down a secret mission.

Once the specific orders are given, they're ready to deploy. It's time to battle the imperfections in the course.

"It may look like confused chaos, but it all serves a purpose," says Abel Zertuche Jr. He's on the front line of the front nine driving his mower.

Everyone has a specific task in this group. And the mission is twofold, presentation for fans and playability for the golf pros.

This army's arsenal of took is as specific as the density measurements they collect.

They use everything from mowers, clippers, chains, sand and even forks to measure density, speed, and moisture. They also fix divots, ball marks and mow the course.

There's strategy too. The army attacks when the civilians have gone, as the day turns to night. But one onlooker gets a rare glimpse, admiring from afar.

"They work their tails off to present a product that people want to come and use," says volunteer Tom Heise.

And they won't leave until they defeat the enemy.

"The goal is always to make the player happy and to allow the patrons to enjoy their experience here," says Zertuche.

They want to show the world the power and prestige of the John Deere Classic.

"In the end, it's a product the community loves."

Mission accomplished.

The Agronomy crew takes to the course every night of the tournament after all play is done. They then go back over their work every morning at 4:30 a.m. to perfect the course for the following day.

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