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Local kindergartners create art on their teacher’s dress


ALPHA, Illinois — Instead of using a canvas for student’s artwork an Alpha, Illinois teacher turned art class into a fashion statement.

Kelsey Manasco, a kindergarten teacher at AlWood Elementary School, asked her class to get creative and decorate her white dress with markers. The result is a colorful collage full of doodles and drawings.

Manasco said she thought this was a good way to instill art in her classroom since the school did not have an art teacher or program this year.

“[It] provided a wonderful memorabilia piece for me, the teacher,” Manasco said in an email. “It was so fun to watch my students faces light up I walked in wearing their artwork on the last day of school!”

Students, she said, would work in groups on the dress for about 20 minutes a day over the course of a month.

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