‘Wanna Treat’ doggie photo shoot raises money for local shelters

MOLINE-- Sit, stay, strike a pose, or not. This doggie photo session comes with instant gratification as long as photographer Lisa Francescon clicks quick enough.

"I can see the treats in front of their mouth, and I really like to see their eyes too," says Lisa.

It's any dog's dream, really. Lisa captures the action. The dog gets to eat treat, after treat, after treat.

Her client's owners agree.

"I think its an amazing mission that Lisa's doing," says dog mom Alexis DeWilde.

Lisa's goal is to keep her four-legged models happy and full, but there's something bigger here.

"It's been just something natural to evolve as I'm photographing family pets who else can we help? What else can we do?" asks Lisa.

Every photo session fee, Lisa donates to a local animal shelter with QC Paws.

"The money we raise for them pays for a lot of kitten food, a lot of dog food a lot of litter," says Lisa.

After all, a shelter is what brought her to her model Max. When he's not helping mom work, you can find him with his pig toy.

"To not only be able to raise money for the organization, but to take an animal into my home to become part of our family., you just have to practice what you preach," says Lisa. "He really is part of our family."

With Max by her side or in front of her lens,  her passion for her mission might even rival a dog's passion for treats.

"It's what's next? What else can I do?"

QC Paws 'Wanna Treat' fundraiser goes from June 24 to July 19. Sessions are a $25 donation that goes directly to QC Paws.

Lisa is also creating a recipe book filled with images of every participant alongside treat recipes and tips for pets. Books are $20.

To schedule your session call Lisa at 309-269-5013.

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