Kewanee restaurant crowned with best burger in Illinois

Kewanee, Illinois--You might think the best burger would be in Chicago or a big city but according to the Illinois Beef Association the best burger can be found tucked away in Kewanee.

Cerno’s bar and grill, crowned as the number one burger in the entire state of Illinois.

"Our burger usually takes about 12-15 minutes to cook depending on how somebody wants it cooked," said kitchen manager, Stephen Welgat. Welgat lets the grill sizzle each burger to perfection, every ingredient started from scratch.

"It’s no special recipe. We do it the same way every single time," said Welgat. He’s helped grow Cerno’s into more than just a bar.

"I’ve known the owners for quite a long time I’ve been involved in this bar since they took over in 2001," said Welgat. Welgat was just as surprised as Cerno's owner, Brian Crabtree, who found out from his wife.

"'Did you hear that you go nominated for this [award]' what?!, No the Illinois Beef Association nominated you guys as the number one burger in Illinois.. How does this happen," said Crabtree.

The bar itself holds its own title, one of the longest in the state but now they whole staff feels like they've won their own.

"We used to be all about the bar..that’s why it was always Cerno's Bar and Grill and now in my opinion it’s Cerno's Grill and Bar," said Crabtree.

From the bar, into the kitchen the crew appreciates the recognition.

"When we did end up winning, everybody said oh that’s great this is the best burger we love it here, we love your food, we love coming in here. It definitely gives you a sense of satisfaction," said Welgat.

All of the hard work makes it easy to stand behind a job well done.

The next burger Cerno's hopes to tackle is a plant-based burger.

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