Clinton bank creates program to help boost local economy

CLINTON, Iowa  -- Clinton National Bank has been in the area for 150 years and employs over 100 people throughout their nine branches. While brainstorming ideas to keep community involvement up, the bank came up with a new program.

The program encourages Clinton National Bank employees to shop or eat at locally owned places in town. All the 104 employees have to do is spend at least $10 and turn the receipts in at work.

At the end of every month, one receipts will be drawn and the winner receives $25 in River City Gold. River City Gold can be used at shops or restaurants that are a part of the Chamber of Commerce.  The idea is all centered around keeping local businesses in town.

"Well I'm hoping that we do make a difference," Clinton National Bank Co- President Jennifer Boysen said. "Even if it makes everybody just pause before they make that online purchase and they spend their dollars here locally, what an impact that could be."

There is no limit on the number of local receipts employees can submit. The program began on June 12th and they say they already have 118 receipts turned in.

"Other merchants in town have communicated with me that online that is really hurting them," Boysen said. " I have nothing against online, I get that it's very convenient, but we have a lot of merchants here locally that have those same products."

The program will continue until the end of the year.

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