Inside Hope Creek: Staff focused on care while board considers a sale

EAST MOLINE, Illinois - As members of the Rock Island County Board look to the future of Hope Creek Care Center, administrators and staff at the county-owned nursing home remain focused on providing quality care.

Executive Director Roger Herman said he is focused on making sure the residents and their families know that the nursing home has no intentions of shutting down.

"The place is going to go on," said Herman. "There are a lot of positives here, so I am just trying to keep it that way,"

Hope Creek Care Center is losing Money. The Rock Island County Treasurer told News 8 on June 18 that the facility is more than $7 Million in debt.

However, the center also has a great reputation when it comes to its care.

"These people give 100 percent to the residents that live here. Anytime she needs anything there is always somebody to take care of her," said Lisa Scott, who was visiting her mother and playing cards before lunch on June 18.

As politicians debate the future of the county-run nursing home, workers at Hope Creek Care Center say they're focused on the present.

When asked about the possibility of the nursing home being sold to a private entity, Jamie Stiles, a nurse at the center said, "We could care less. As long as we are still here to to our jobs and care for these people."

Administrators are also trying to re-assure workers. They say Hope Creek may be sold by the county, but the home would stay open under new owners.

"Keep the morale up and assure the residents that they will have a place to live," said Herman when asked about his goals.

The Rock Island County Board will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18 to further discuss the possibility of selling Hope Creek Care Center.

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