Here are 7 great things to feed ducks instead of bread

When you think about feeding ducks, you probably instinctively think of white bread. And while the ducks and geese in our parks gobble that up like it's their favorite meal, it's not the right choice.

Quite simply, white bread does not have the proper nutrition that water fowl need. And the uneaten bread and excrement causes an influx in algae which can cause fish-kills and smelly water.

According to a Facebook post by theĀ Peterborough Field Naturalists of Ontario, here are the correct foods to feed our webbed-feet friends:

half-cut seedless grapes
cooked rice
bird seed
chopped lettuce

But most importantly, if there are signs that say "Do not feed the animals," please obey them. In some popular city parks, ducks still have the opportunity for too much food. Keep in mind, they need the best nutrition to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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