Bug repellent tests: Which one works the best?

MOLINE, Illinois– It’s no secret the bug population, specifically gnats and mosquitoes have been a huge problem so far this summer.

Besides Bug Soother and Absorbine Jr. there are a few other natural remedies that are rumored to work (scroll down to see Reporter Madison Conner’s results).

  1. Vanilla- Gnats apparently hate the scent of vanilla. Dabbing it anywhere your skin isn't covered is supposed to keep them away.

2. A dryer sheet- Specifically lemon or lavender smelling dryer sheets are said to repel gnats. No need to rub the sheet over your body, simply just put the sheet inside your pocket.

3. Spices- Cinnamon, Pepper, Salt, Cayenne Pepper and Garlic, just sprinkle them around wherever you are outside and that will keep out the bugs. Not recommended on a windy day.

4. Olive Oil- Just a dab of olive oil behind your ears is supposed to keep away gnats and mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, all were a fail except the dryer sheet.

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