Farmers face a tough choice after a long, wet spring

SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa -- The wet spring has forced many of our area farmers to make some hard choices. Some will take preventive planting insurance, which will at least cover some of their expenses, while others have had to re-plant some of their water damaged corn or bean fields.

"This is a generational thing," said Scott County farmer Robb Ewoldt. "This is my generation's worst, probably," he said.

From the sky, one of his 18-acre corn fields looks barren. But it's really wet.

"And they have just kind of a bad smell to the fields because they're just so wet," Ewoldt said. "We've never seen anything like it," he said.

He was seen on Friday planting corn about a month and a half later than usual. Typically by this time of year, the corn plants should be about shoulder high, said Ewoldt.

In other fields, he has had to re-plant some of the soybean and corn crops that have had a hard time sprouting up in the wet, compact soil.

The other option is not planting. Many operations in the area have elected to take preventive plant insurance.

"It’s not going to make them money, it’s going to help them to lose less money," said Ewoldt.

As for the farmers like Ewoldt who have chosen to go ahead and plant, they're sowing while the sun shines.


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