Hot dog cart owner losing money after move forced by Moline flooding

MOLINE, Illinois--Sun’s out..buns out.

"I think I get more compliments on my buns," said Roy Rogers.

At Roy’s All Fed Up hot dog cart, for 13 years he’s been dishing up ‘dogs at Ben Butterworth Park, but flood waters have pushed him up to the Moline Public Works building.

"It's hard I'm sure he does a lot better at the river because people know he's there," said Susan Gallagher. Every day on her way to work her boss asks her to bring in one of Roy's hot dogs for him. When Roy can't get out that day it's hard on the future of his business.

"It's been devastating," said Roy. At the river he usually sees around 60 to 70 customers a day, here it’s closer to 30.

"This street right now probably has more traffic then river driver but I've sat here watching traffic and sometimes it's like watching Quad Cities East Moline speedway," said Roy. You don't make it up it's just revenue I've lost."

When the sun is out so is Roy and he hasn’t had many opportunities. But putting together a good hot dog is something Roy doesn't need a lot of practice to make his customers happy.

"The brats are really good I really like them, he has Boetje's mustard which not everybody does," said Gallagher.

Loyal customers will find a way to get to him no matter where he is but that isn’t always enough.

"In the back of my mind I was actually kind of thinking about just giving it up and going back to a regular job," said Roy.

He may be fed up but he’s still looking for brighter days in the forecast.

"I'm pretty resilient of course it's the stubborn in me. I’ll stay out here," said Roy.

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