Filling up the tank will soon cost more in Illinois

MOLINE, Illinois - The motor fuel tax in Illinois is currently 19 cents per gallon but on July 1st, that tax will double.

Motorists will pay a tax of 38-cents per gallon of gas. That is one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

Lawmakers approved the gas tax hike on Saturday, June 1 as part of Governor J.B. Pritzker's $41-Billion infrastructure plan.

Motorists tell WQAD News 8 they are not excited to have to pay more at the pump.

"I just go to work, I come home, I pay my taxes, I do everything I can," said Patricia Qualls, who was pumping gas on Monday, June 3. "It's unfair that the working class have to work so hard just to be able to put gas in their car so they can make a 40 hour work week," she said.

Another driver who was pumping gas, Phillip Del, said "It will change the budget. Maybe spend a lot more on gas instead of just taking the kids to the movies or something like that."

The gas tax hike goes into effect on July 1st in Illinois.

The gas tax is currently 30 cents in Iowa.

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