WONDER WOMEN Podcast: Illinois U.S. Representative Talks About Transformation from Journalist to Congresswoman

Powerful Women. Powerful Positions.

WONDER WOMEN is a podcast that showcases the female movers and shakers running and leading businesses, non-profits, governments, and schools across the Quad City Area, Iowa, and Illinois.

EPISODE TWO: She started in journalism, moved into the healthcare industry, and now she is in Congress representing the Illinois Quad City Area – and more. Cheri Bustos is the U.S. Representative of Illinois’ 17th Congressional District, a position she has held since 2013 after she was the first woman elected to Congress from that district.

In this month’s podcast episode, this “Wonder Woman” explains what she does every 10 years that guided her from her role in a newsroom, to the healthcare industry, to Washington, D.C. Cheri talks about the big issue that motivated her to run for Congress, what inspires her, plus the biggest challenges of being in one of the top positions in the political world.

News 8’s Angie Sharp and Illinois U.S. Representative Cheri Bustos

We are digging deeper in this podcast, though. We ask Cheri if being a woman factored into her story and how it matters to her success. She gives her advice on how to deal with the “haters” in life and some of the simple, yet powerful, things you can do to be the best you can be.

Finally, we talk about what the next generation of the “Girl Power” Movement needs to know in order to reach their highest potential  and who Cheri thinks of when she hears the words “Wonder Woman.”

Click on the link above to hear our conversation, then click here to learn more about Cheri’s work in Congress. Also, as promised in this episode, here’s Cheri’s Instagram proving her love of dogs!

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