June is National Dairy Month and June 4th is National Cheese Day, which are two perfect excuses to do something cheesy for Nailed It Or Failed It!

On Friday, May 31st - we realize it isn't June yet, but give us a break - we tried out two unique grilled cheese recipes. The first was Rainbow Grilled Cheese.  This recipe is the exact same as a normal grilled cheese recipe, except for one thing. Click the video above to see how we added COLOR to our basic sandwich.

The second recipe experiment we chose is a Blackberry Brie Grilled Cheese. Sounds a little crazy, but take a look to see how we put it all together and, most importantly, if we liked it:

Finally, what goes great with grilled cheese? Milk! For Cocktail of the Week, we made a Milk and Honey Cocktail. It's a mix of bourbon, creme de cacao, cold-brew coffee, milk, honey syrup, and salt. Click the video below to see how it turned out:

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