Army Corps of Engineers monitors levee at Bettendorf’s Leach Park

BETTENDORF, Iowa -- The Army Corps of Engineers has been sending flood teams to monitor levees and flood walls around the Quad Cities.

At Bettendorf's Leach Park, flood area engineers spent part of the day Friday looking over the flood wall at Leach Park. Some water could be seen spilling from the seal of the temporary closure.

"It’s coming through, it’s going into the sewer and it’s not ponding," said flood area engineer Kara Mitvalsky. "So the system is handling it right now, which is OK, so this wouldn’t be a big concern. This might be something that we’d call up the city and say hey, you’re aware of this," she said.

There's also a smartphone app that the Army Corps of Engineers uses to flag potential problem spots. Concrete cracking or caving would raise concerns and call for a notice on the app, but the team did not see any of that happening Friday at the Bettendorf flood wall.

Meanwhile, Canadian Pacific Railroad has stationed a few workers to observe a section of the tracks around the clock. The Army Corps of Engineers monitors that section as well, making sure that the railroad workers have what they need in case they see a quick rise in the river level.

The railroad in downtown Davenport was closed Friday when the Iowa-American Water Company closed its flood wall over the tracks, returning parts of the riverfront, and Bettendorf's Leach Park, to the birds.

"Normally this is a park where people are coming, and now it’s a park for the geese and the ducks back there," said Mitvalsky.

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