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Stark County School employees suspended for putting bucket on autistic child’s head

School bus (ThinkStock)

STARK COUNTY-  Two employees within the Stark County school district were suspended following an incident were a bus aide placed a five-gallon bucket on a child’s head who has autism.

Stark County CUSD 100 put out a statement on Facebook Thursday, May 30, addressing an incident.


The bus aide and the bus driver were both suspended following an investigation, according to the statement.  On Monday, May 27, an administrator with the Stark County Schools was told the pail had been placed “over a student’s head in an inappropriate attempt to address a behavior concern.”

On Tuesday, the two employees were suspended, said the statement.   Termination of employment is pending within the Board of Education.

The child’s mother, Barbara Keske, posted a lengthy Facebook post where she alleges her 7-year-old son had a bucket placed on his head during a screaming fit.

According to her on Thursday, May 23, she received an email from the school principal saying her son was suspended from riding the school bus.

She goes on to say her son admitted to hitting the aid on, May 27, but also told her about “the screaming bucket.”

“So he told her (a police officer) she has a screaming bucket and she holds it on my head to make me stop screaming. So what really happened she was trying to hold him down with a bucket on his head and he back hand her busting her mouth.”

In the school’s statement, they say “The District does not condone the actions of these soon to be former employees and will not tolerate any conduct which harms the well-being of our students. The safety and security of our students is the District’s first priority.”

In the Facebook post, they say an investigation was done and school representatives were able to confirm the allegation.

The Department of Children and Family Services as well as local law enforcement have gotten involved.

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