Davenport sod farmers forced to push harvest back due to soggy fields

DAVENPORT, Iowa – With heavy downpours and more to come this week, area sod farmers are taking a hit.

With soggy grass and puddles drowning fields are what Seven Cities Sod Co-owner Keaton Frye sees everyday when he walks into work.

“It’s just been a mess of a month,” says Frye.

At this point in the year, the season has been a total wash.

“We are going to end up working six days out of the entire month of May,” Frye says.

The Davenport family business has been selling sod for the past 52 years – 2019 is now one of the worst in their history and the sales show it.

“As you can see, more and more of our days are scratched out with a big “rained out” at the top of it,” Frye explains.

By the end of May, they will be $100,000 behind in receivables this spring alone, and when they try to mow their sod that can’t get far.

“It got stuck just beyond the tree over there,” Frye points out. “It looked like a river in front of our mower.”

Even when the fields of Kentucky Bluegrass sod catch a break from the water, it isn’t enough.

“Our issue now is it takes more than a day or two to dry out. People see sun and it’s a nice day – the phones go wild,” Frye says.

It may be a saturated mess now, so here’s to hoping sunnier and drier days will be here soon.

“If there’s a silver lining to this, our crop is already in the ground,” says Frye. “It’s just a matter that we can’t cut it.”

Employees say the soonest they could get out to mow would be on Wednesday.

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