Shooting leaves lasting memory, damage on East Moline homes

EAST MOLINE, Illinois -- Neighbors are still trying to make sense of the scene that unfolded in their very own yard less than 24 hours ago.

On Saturday, May 26th, a police chase ended with an exchange of gunfire just feet away from Liliana Garcia's home.

Man injured in exchange of gunfire with police in East Moline

"My sister comes running in the room, 'there's gunshots outside!'," Garcia said. She said she then instantly ran towards the door because her younger brother was playing outside.

"He's only six so I was more worried about him when I ran out here," Garcia said.

Today, each bullet hole scattered across the neighborhood is now leaving a lasting impression on the memory of those who saw it all unfold. Garcia said at the time, her brother was playing with other children near the corner of the street.

"The only thing that was going through my head was him. (I was) more concerned about (him ) because he's the only little brother I have," Garcia said.

Now, the brother and sister share a family home riddled with bullets. One aimed at the window, even making its way inside.

"That gunshot hit my mom where she sleeps. Where she actually lays her head," Garcia said. "If they were here, it would have hit them. Could have possibly killed or hurt them."

Garcia said no one inside the home was hurt by the gunfire but the bullet did damage furniture inside the home.

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