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Scott County Emergency Management says be prepared for flooding

SCOTT COUNTY -The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities is reporting that the continued rainfall, saturated ground conditions, and the potential for several rounds of thunderstorms over the weekend will lead to rising river levels.

The Mississippi River is continuing to rise and potentially increase to a level between 20.5 feet and 23 feet at the Rock Island location as soon as May 31st.

Davenport has replaced its Hesco barriers along River Drive.  This time, the temporary flood wall is stacked two-barriers high. 

Scott County Emergency Management Agency says to do the following:

  • Residents and businesses are encouraged to maintain existing flood protection.
  • The National Weather Service continues to monitor the weather situation. Please note the hydrograph projected shared by the National Weather Service, only takes into account 24 hours of precipitation. In order to help individuals, businesses, and communities prepare, they are now publishing a new report with river levels based upon multiple days of forecasted rain.
  • This chart is found at 7nlPnZWg8hQef3aU10j0HOuWTYcdTo#Top.
  • Residents and businesses that need assistance with barriers that have already been removed should contact their local City Public Works Department or Scott County Emergency Management Agency.
  • Individuals in need of volunteer help or individuals interested in volunteering are encouraged to call 563-484-3086 (Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; closed on Memorial Day).
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