Davenport suspect dies after self-inflicted gunshot wound sustained during Rock Island investigation

ROCK  ISLAND, Illinois -- A Davenport suspect died after shooting himself in the head during an investigation that led to a traffic stop, according to police.

On Wednesday morning, May 22, Chief Jeff VenHuizen said Rock Island police officers were helping the Davenport Police Department with an investigation into two recent shootings. Police were outside a home searching for a suspect when several people left the house and got into an SUV.

Rock Island officers pulled the SUV over on 45th Street in an alley between 14th Avenue and 15th Avenue.   Chief VenHuizen said, "as the traffic stop unfolded, a shot was fired from inside the car."

The suspect that the Rock Island and Davenport police were looking for, Micah L. Bates, 31, sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to Chief VenHuizen.  The shot was fired in the back of the SUV.  Bates was taken to a nearby hospital.  Deputy Chief Jason Foy later confirmed that Bates died around 3 p.m. that day, according to the Rock Island County Coroner's Office.

There were no shots fired by officers, said VenHuizen.

Chief VenHuizen said there was a mix of several adults and teenagers inside the SUV.

"Officers were able to order all the remaining individuals outside the car," said Chief VenHuizen.  They were detained as part of the investigation.  There were no other reported injuries.

As the incident unfolded, several officers arrived to the scene, including a tactical team.

Chief VenHuizen said the team was called in as part of the investigation.  He said they were "sitting on a house" that some of the people in the SUV had a connection to.  Officers checked out that house to see if anyone else was inside.  The home turned up empty.

While investigators were on scene, neighbors were asked to stay in their homes; there were no evacuations, said Chief VenHuizen.

One gun was recovered from the SUV, he said.

The investigation stemmed from two shootings in Davenport two nights in a row.  According to the Davenport Police Department a man sustained a non-life-threatening gunshot wound near 7th Street and Myrtle Street on Tuesday.  Early in the morning on Wednesday gunfire was reported in the Goose Creek area; shortly after a man with a gunshot wound sought medical treatment.  His wounds were also considered to be not life-threatening.

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