City of Davenport continues to tally up flood costs so far

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- With the first round of flood clean up over, The City of Davenport is looking at another potential rise in the Mississippi River.

Davenport Public Works director Nicole Gleason says at this time more than one million dollars has been spent this flooding season.

Between Modern Woodmen Ballpark and Union Station, the city has spent 65,000 towards these facilities alone.

For sand and sandbags 83,000 were used for those materials. Equipment like pumps and trucks has totaled out to 400,000 but the biggest chunk of money is going towards the streets and sewers. Someone needs to be watching the pumps, sandbagging and post-flood clean up. That labor equals out to 450,000.

On top of what they've been spending, revenue loss from closed facilities could hurt the budget too. River's edge, compost and Credit Island have spent a majority of this flood season closed to the public.

The threat of flooding isn't over. If the water rises again fifty public works employees would be needed for a twelve hour shift to reinstall HESCO barriers. Right now they are watching the forecast to see if that will be necessary and Gleason encourages everyone in the community to do so as well.

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