National Weather Service and Davenport Public Works unsure what rain will do to river levels

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Davenport Public Works says they are still unsure when or if they will be setting a temporary flood wall for the expected rainfall that could raise river levels again.

It may seem like you can pour one out to celebrate the end of flooding, but Great River Brewery Owner, Scott Leanert, is mindful the Mississippi River could still hop from one flood stage to the next.

“I pray the water levels don’t get to what they were earlier this year,” says Leanert.

Leanert, along with two dozen volunteers, are finally able to wash away what the flood left behind.  But there’s a chance the water could return.

“I heard it was going to rise, that’s all I know,” says Maureen Carter, an employee at Great River Brewery.

With scattered thunderstorms expected the rest of the week and into next, everyone is uncertain how high the river may rise.

“I thought I heard 20 feet, but I could be wrong, I don’t know,” says Carter.

It’s not just businesses that are unsure.  Davenport Public Works is unsure what Mother Nature will do, and that’s because the National Weather Service doesn’t even know.

“With spring rains and thunderstorms, you can have variations over short distances,” says Rick Kinney, at the National Weather Service Quad Cities. “It’s tough to nail down location, amounts, and so forth with a high degree of confidence.”

“Now it will just be tornadoes or something, who knows?” Leanert questions.

Whether the river reaches 18 feet, 20 feet, or beyond, it doesn’t matter for Leanert, because at this point everything is a total wash.

“Everything is pretty much already destroyed,” comments Leanert.

Davenport Public Works says they do have preparations ready to re-install the flood wall if the river reaches 18 feet.

Since Public Works is uncertain about the forecast they are encouraging property owners to watch the forecast and leave flood measures in place.

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