Help the QCAWC by becoming a foster

MILAN, Illinois-- The Quad City Animal Welfare Center needs help after a dryer fire caused thousands of dollars in damages.

"I rushed down here and when I pulled up I saw the smoke coming out of the roof, that’s terrifying because I knew there were animals in the building," said Executive Director, Patti McRae.

McRae walks through the empty halls at the clinic, thankful the damage wasn’t worse.

The fire filled the ceiling with smoke and carried it through the building into rooms that were home to sick animals.

"The firefighters were so wonderful they got in here they got the fire out and they immediately sad let’s get these animals out," said McRae.

One cat, Tiger, wasn’t so lucky. The lights and noise scared him causing him to run and hide. He wasn't found until after first responders left. He was taken to an emergency clinic where he had to go on oxygen.

One week later his breathing is labored but he is safe in a foster home still a little shook up but tiger is slowly getting back to normal.

"I feel like even in the past couple of days he has improved he's breathing a lot more easily, he's more relaxed. He was playing with me yesterday and purring so I feel like he is doing well doing better," said Maria Ehlis. Ehlis has been a foster for over nine years now. The duo is a perfect example of the benefits of fostering from a shelter.

"I love opening up my home to cats I feel like they do so much better in a home especially when they are sick in a stress free environment they recover more quickly and i just love doing it," said Ehlis.

The more fosters the shelter has on hand the more animals they can help. For more information on how to become a foster go to the Quad City Animal Welfare Center's website.

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